When you leave home, what are the regular issues you make sure of? May be- being certain there’s no gas leakage, the oven is off, windows are properly shut, but most importantly you make it very-very certain that you have properly locked your door to prevent any unauthorized entry. With deadbolt locks being pretty much the most popular one around the whole nation, do you know it is the most vulnerable of them all to pick or bump in order to allow anyone for that matter of fact to have access to your possessions without permission?
Picking tools today are very easily available anywhere, whether it be online, hardware stores or even someone’s house. It’s even become a hobby for some to practice breaking locks and is commonly called locksport. So today when you bolt your door with a key in the deadbolt lock, it’s as easy to break the lock as snatching a toy from a kid. Lock picking when carried out by professionals, who are known popularly as Locksmiths, are responsible for breaking your lock open in order to let you access what’s beyond it and even help figure out which lock is the safest to buy. Now, with so much uncertainty with locks, is there any way we can stop lock picking tools?
Technology is our savior and I am tempted to say, again. With security becoming a major concern for everyone around the globe, with burglary at an all-time high in every city, it’s time we moved on to better things rather than compromising with our own safety by using additional securities to your deadbolts. The very concept behind using a key for locking out something is flawed. And thus, the new wireless system introduced in the market is the best you can have. Three best reasons why you should have this new lock system without keys-
• Wireless protection: Every time someone opens the door, you will get a notification on your device and thus you can keep a check on whether it’s normal or some unauthorized person is trying to access what’s beyond the lock.
• DIY alarm system: The moment someone picks your lock, it will send out an alarm to your phone alerting you immediately.
• No more hassle of losing the key: You can now stop being concerned about misplacing your key every now and then or your keys falling in the wrong hands as you can now access your lock by just entering an automated code.
Safety will never be a concern now for your home, office or a safe with the new modern age Secure a Lock system being installed with every door and every lock system. The very concept behind it will prevent you from worrying and allow you to enjoy while you are out. Install an automated lock system today as its time we made the tools used for picking locks a part of history.
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