Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does SECURE-A-LOCK work?
A: Once installed, SECURE-A-LOCK restricts the movement of the deadbolt lever so that your door lock cannot be opened with a key or a lock-picking device.
Q: Will SECURE-A-LOCK protect me from ‘Lock Bumping’?
A: Yes. With SECURE-A-LOCK installed your deadbolt cannot be opened with a key.
Q: Will SECURE-A-LOCK fit my deadbolt lock?
A: SECURE-A-LOCK fits all standard North American deadbolt locks. If you have a custom-made deadbolt, SECURE-A-LOCK may not fit your deadbolt.
Q: Do I need tools to install SECURE-A-LOCK?
A: There are no tools required to install SECURE-A-LOCK. It simply slips over the deadbolt lever and the door handle to provide added home security.
Q: Will SECURE-A-LOCK protect my property when I’m away?
A: No. SECURE-A-LOCK is designed to protect you and your family when you are at home. No one will be able to get in quietly with a key or a lock-picking device while you are sleeping.
Q: The distance between my doorhandle and my deadbolt is too long, will SECURE-A-LOCK still work?
A: Yes. SECURE-A-LOCK comes with a stopper that can be mounted on your door with glue or a screw to provide added deadbolt security.
Q: Can I use SECURE-A-LOCK when traveling?
A: Yes. SECURE-A-LOCK folds into a compact size that will fit in your shirt pocket. Most hotels use deadbolts and SECURE-A-LOCK will restrict those deadbolts, even those with electronic keys.
Q: I’m renting. Can I take SECURE-A-LOCK with me when I move?
A: Yes. SECURE-A-LOCK is completely portable and as a renter even more important to have. How many former tenants still have a copy of your key?
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