SECURE-A-LOCK is the simplest deadbolt protection available!

SECURE-A-LOCK is a Compact Lock Restrictor (CLR) designed to prevent a deadbolt from being opened, even with a key.

With SECURE-A-LOCK in place, deadbolt levers cannot be turned.

  • Renting an apartment or house?
  • Staying in a hotel?
  • Living in a Dormitory?
  • Traveling in your trailer?
  • Looking for Stop lock bumping?
  • Lost your keys?
  • Looking for Compact lock restrictor?
  • Are you looking for Stop lock picking tools?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, do you know how many copies of your key are out there? Don’t be invaded by an intruder who has your key or a lock-picking tool. Secure-a-Lock will make your Deadbolt safe!

  • Lightweight, fits in place in seconds.
  • Easy fit over door knob or stopping bracket included.
  • Engineered for strength and ease of use.
  • Elasto-Plastic Characteristics (EPC) create a perfect friction fit.
  • Stopping bracket included for doors with taller spacing between Deadbolt and door handle.
  • Handy Storage Strap (included) to hang Secure-a-Lock from the doorknob when not in use.

Only $14.95 CDN + $7.95 Shipping and Handling (& Sales Tax where applicable). Please allow 4 to 6 days for delivery in the US.

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