There are many ways in which locks can be picked, one of them being Lock Bumping. Bumping is a method to pick locks which is as old as 1928 when it was first witnessed to be executed. In the 1970s, it became a frequently used technique for the locksmiths of Denmark and other neighbouring countries. In this technique, the locksmiths would knock on the cylinders along with a very slight pressure applied at the back of the lock plug. Due to this arrangement, the pins inside would jump allowing the cylinder to slide freely, thus disassembling the lock. This method was soon identified as a potential threat to security issues by The Open Organisation of Lockpickers, and Lock Bumping came into existence.
With most of the doors in the homes of this country fit with Deadbolt locks, lock picking is a cake walk for Lock pickers. Deadbolts possess the simplest of the simple systems used in making a lock, thus making your home unsafe. Lock Bumping in today’s date is carried out in pin tumbler locks with the help of a Bump key. The target lock must correspond to the bump key we are creating, otherwise its useless.
Now, from above we conclude that even after locking the door properly, no matter how much ever heavy and powerful the lock is, we can never be sure. The lock pickers may pick or bump the locks with so many techniques at their disposal. But then there are many countermeasures that can be applied in order to prevent any unauthorized access or more bluntly, to stop lock bumping. Enlisting some of them below-
• Manufacturing techniques: Locks with precise manufacturing tolerances are more vulnerable and if made of hardened steel, the bumping becomes easier as the pins don’t get deformed which could lead to jamming in cheaper locks. Thus right material and high mechanical tolerance is required.
• Security Pins: With additional security pins like mushroom and spoon pins, we can make bumping difficult. But then again, it can’t be totally eliminated.
• Locks without keys: Time locks, electronic locks, combination locks, etc. are totally bump proof. These locks don’t have key holes thus adding the additional benefit of no fuss of keys.
• Shallow pins: With shallow pins, the bump fails to engage as these pins are too high for the bump key to trigger them thus making the lock invulnerable completely.
All the above mentioned countermeasures are enough to prevent any type of lock picking. Do you once more want to be relaxed and not feel worried constantly because you have a traditional lock which opens with a key? Do you want to, once and for all forget about misplacing your keys? Technology and newer techniques are here to help us stay safe and enjoy while outside, leaving the burden of security on the new products in the market. Get a new lock now and stay safe.

Stop Lock Bumping
Stop Lock Bumping